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When you hit one hand pay jackpot, and then hit another one while waiting to get paid on the first one, you know you’re having a good gaming experience. It’s all about making money not just hitting hand pay jackpots!

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  1. We have seen fellow slot players hit 4 or 5 hand pays while waiting for their 1st one! We remember hitting so many hand pay jackpots, before even getting paid on our first one in Tampa Seminole Hard Rock, that they asked us if wanted to open up a log book! FLIPPIN N DIPPIN!!!

  2. This is all fun and games everyone knows the risks of losing in the casino.. if you follow him enjoy the content and stop hating lol…if you don’t have the money to flip and dip or don’t like the risks don’t watch…

  3. All you "Believers" that watch these types of video's crack me up. This guy always shows you the wins but never really tells you how much he has to put into the machine. For once to an hour long video with NO edits and then tell me how much money you win, or I mean LOSE. As for him being treated like a "Big Spender", hell yea, if I owned a casino and had a guy shoving Benjamins in to slots I would want him back too.

  4. Hey nice win 👍 but IAM really in press how easy it was to get 300$ out of ur wife bag the only way I can ever get money out my wife bag at the casino I would have to put a ski mask on😁✌🏾