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Buying BIG BONUSES on Megaways Slots, up to £400!! – Online Casino Session

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Buying big bonuses on multiple Megaways slots. The plan was to buy three £100 bonuses on three different slots, then seven bonuses on Vikings Unleashed and push every gamble to the 10x multiplier.
After that run I played a few slots on normal spins, mostly £4 and finishing off with a £400 bonus buy on the Valletta slot which awards a streak with any winning spin.

If you are thinking of buying the bonuses, take care with them, they can get very costly and award very little at times.

Author Since: Sep 16, 2018

  1. Dreams Vegas, try out Mike Tyson slot you can up the chance of getting a bonus by making the bonus symbol bigger witch also ups your stake also by clicking on the bonus boost , really good iv won 600 on it before

  2. Buying a bonus is essentially trying to force a slot, but without real money going into the machine 100 quid doesn't register like that. It might be take 32, 100's and give back a 4k bonus or a 2.5 k one somewhere along the way. Better to do 100 base spins and if the machine is ready it will pay.

  3. You gamble the spin when the pie is 75% not in your favour but then you get 12 spins and the pie chart is 85% in your favour but yet you take it and not gamble lol

  4. Darren I have seen so many streamers loose loads on vikings pal, them bonus gamble spins are shockingly dangerous and if you only take the few spins they never win, great video gl Darren 👍👍