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Dancing Drums Slot Machine HUGE WIN | Major JACKPOT WON | Dancing Drums Slot $8.80 Max Bet Bonus

Dancing Drums Slot Machine HUGE WIN | Major JACKPOT WON | Dancing Drums $8.80 Max Bet Bonus
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Author Since: Aug 14, 2018

  1. Hey guys there were two option , didn't upload this video or upload with putting music , becasue CASINO BACKGROUND music was loud and it was claimed as a copyright issue by youtube !

  2. The music is 80% louder than it needs to be. However, when a vid gets flagged by the robot, just appeal it. Explain it's fair use in parody, and not a commercial production.

    I have a 10 cent Drums machine at my local casino. That's an $88.00 max bet.

  3. Urgh… music copyright strikes are irritating! In my opinion it seems stupid because you didn't specifically request that song to be played in the background while filming.

    Anyway that aside, congrats on the win!!! Keep 'em coming!

  4. okay – watching again with the edited music, the pot goes empty and (unless I counted wrong) 6 wilds, hit the mini, 6 more wilds hit the major! Fun video. Sorry the background music got it flagged the 1st go around! Wishing you continued great hits!

  5. Hey NG. Good job Man!! I totally agree with you on the fact that the mini is the normal amount you get from the pot ~o~ coins. I sometimes wonder why the make it so elaborate. But great job on getting the major bonus. After that Firelink debacle, yo deserved that one!!🥁🥁🥁