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FINALLY Bonused on Ultimate Fire Link Slot in Vegas 2019!

Finally bonused on Ultimate Fire Link in Vegas 2019!!! This was during our last trip to Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas! Right by Va Bene against the wall where all of the Ultimate Fire Link slot machines are.

As you know, we’ve posted a ton of handpay jackpots on Ultimate Fire Link slots the past month or so. They’ve all been amazing handpays for us, but all of those weren’t able to attain any of the main bonus games. For example, when you get 4 or more fireballs, that triggers one of the bonus games where you try to collect a bunch of great fireball amounts during the bonus game.

The other bonus game you can get on Ultimate Fire Link is collecting three symbols, and then catching that bonus game too. Each one is different with the different variations, but this one we played was especially fun.

There’s no place like a Las Vegas Casino, and in this segment, we show you a slot machine bonus and a slot machine big win!

We’ve been trying to mix up our slot videos the last 30 days or so on Lady Luck HQ, so please give us your feedback!

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Who’s Getting Lucky

We feature May playing at Bellagio! Betting $10 a smack on Ten times pay, and she won a Massive Hand pay jackpot!!! Take a peek!

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