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[PapaSmithy VOD Review] LCS Playoffs Spring 2019: Cloud9 vs. TSM Game 5

League of Legends analyst & LCK caster PapaSmithy reviews Cloud9 vs. TSM from 4/6/2019.

Cloud9 enter LCS Spring 2019 Semifinals against their old enemies TSM – What follows is one of the most famous series in LCS history.

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Author Since: Apr 15, 2019

  1. So what I got out of this was zeyzal either trolled or got over eager which I've noticed as a one of the biggest flaws with him as it has happened multiple games, they need to flesh that out with either doing nothing or over committing to the play, lose hard instead of slowly

  2. if u look at zayzal the last fight he literally headbutts into a zilean ulted kindred when there was a group of 3 carries bunched up together on the top left side he could've headbutt pulverized

  3. I think TSMs draft is very underrated here. I don’t think there ever is a sivir 400cs win condition because a vlad can just one shot her or zone her and there is nobody else to do dmg in a team fight. Also vlad zilean is secret op for sure. Anyway keep up the great work!

  4. When I saw the draft & it got to last pick, I was literally staring at my phone like "If they don't pick Vladimir they're wasting a top lane carry." He also would fix a lot of the TSM issues in team fights, as he can dive in with W, add to that Zilean speed up, and stopwatch or Zilean ult, Vlad does damage to people before the fight even starts. I was glad they picked it, and irritated it wasn't picked previously in Game 1 or 2.

  5. The Braun pick just make the win possible. Just the influence of a Shield existence disable the possibility of a Orn start. And then, a support player needs to play like a starter and 2 moments that a misplay happened… the game just hit the end

  6. Love the VOD review PapaSmithy!
    I feel slightly triggered everytime you say Akaadian because it sounds like you're saying Arcadian, which is a play I read in high school . . .

  7. Nice vod, the only thing is that I don't believe they took Reksai for the reason you stated, Akaadian during his games against Echo Fox, he slaughtered on Reksai, and it's easily his best champion, it was more of a counter pick rather then wasting a ban I believe. And if I'm not mistaken they made mention to that on both cast and the desk