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Super Replay – God Hand Ep 17: The Casino Episode

The High Roller arc finally comes to a close as the gang makes a record low amount of progress.

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  1. Well if you really think about it, we do live on a flat Earth due to geodesics which is a fundamental component of SpaceTime. Essentially geodesics is a concept that on the surface of a 3-D object, you have a 2-D plane (you can only go up and down and/or left and right). So while we are technically on a 3-D object in space, most of our experiences are on a 2-D plane when on the surface of said object. Flat Earth CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

    Seriously though, you should check out the mathematics and concepts of SpaceTime, the Theory of Relativity and Special Relativity…..some interesting stuff!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_gcs09iThXybpVgjHZ_7g

  2. The Nazis thought it was possible that the earth was inside out, and that the atmosphere was inside a sphere of rock and dirt. At one point, they put this to the test by firing artillery at where they thought an Allied city would be, but they ended up firing at nothing because they were dumb

  3. Super Replays have been a highlight for so long. It's what brought me into the GI community in the first place 5 years ago (Illbleed was the first I think) I've since watched every single one. If this is the last, then I'm deeply saddened, but with how long it took for this one to come around I figured it would be coming to a close or only be one a year. Thanks guys for all the fun and I'll still catch you in regular replays and new game play today.

  4. I love how Joe talked about keeping multiple saves in games in one of the episodes and then overwrites the only one they have in God Hand after spending 90000 Gold on a move that's not worth it and fucking up his combo.

  5. The FE movement took off mostly because independent tests over large body of water showed that objects disappearing over a curve at certain distances is either a myth, or scientist have the calculations of the Earth curvature wrong and the Globe is an order of magnitude larger than they claim it is. But I'm sure GI staff believes Oswald murdered Kennedy by himself, that the government version of 911 is factual and macro-evolution (the changing of one species to another over time) is scientifically provable.

    But if you really would like a place to start, in order to see just how mainstream science will teach our kids something as "factual", yet it is only a theory with plausible alternate theories acknowledged by the scientific community, then watch "The Principal". It is a documentary about the ongoing scientific debate on whether we live in a "geocentric" or "heliocentric" Universe. And just like the shape of the Earth, surely that debate is long over with and was proven to by science to be "heliocentric" right? Watch the documentary.

  6. If I ever find myself hemorrhaging money in the future I'll at least be able to take solace in the fact that I may one day be able to experience the same raw emotion making it all back as Joe Juba does in the God Hand casino.

    Wayne's World is awesome but I find myself quoting more Austin Powers from time to time or find that things happen around me and remind me of a particular scene from one of the Austin Powers movies.

  8. Again, the slots in both rooms work the same you just bet more and win more (maybe the values are double). Slots is boring, just bet all and pull, you'll win in the long run a lot, but really-really boring. Also you can win tickets to exchange them for techniques at the Arnold Schwarzenegger looking guy at the bottom.

    Sell all your low damage techniques (level1 and level2) and buy the high damage equivalent (level3), it's the same movement and everything just deals more damage. (maybe selling is in the new game+, I don’t know)

  9. This game is really hard on medium difficulty. I beat the game that way but had some rough time with the bosses. Joe, you handled the bosses on easy pretty well but this old ninja dude is crazy hard even on easy. I don't remember how tough are the rest but I had some problems with the final boss too. Keep it up!

    PS: I don't think a guard breaker in the combo will help because you need to time it perfectly and the time they guard and the time when the guard breaker comes up in the combo won't be in sync like ever.

  10. If it is true that this is the last Super Replay, then I am kind of sad but also sort of felt that it was coming too. Regardless going out on a 12/31 Super Replay is the right call, and this one definitely became one of the most interesting of the 12/31 Super Replays and of Super Replay in general too.

    As for the gameplay itself I honestly wish I could help but it has been so long since I last played that I honestly do not remember this guy at all. I think at this point in the game I had my combo set to have a fast guard breaker as my first and third/fourth move with everything in between being the strongest attacks I had that weren't slow.

  11. The sun is round, the moon is round, stars are round, so obviously the Earth is flat.
    I think the flat Earth thing started as a joke, but people are so stupid and couldn't tell it wasn't serious, they started believing it. Or maybe they started saying it ironically but ended up believing it, like when someone says a word like "lit" as a joke to make fun of people, but end up becoming the thing they hated. People are weird and dumb.

  12. This game needs remastered or part two. Love this game. BTW you should use guard break on down square area in combo list so you can use it when need it. Use right hook than elbow spin, than left attack, than fast kick, than jab and finally slow powerful kick is good combo