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This Game Should Be Art, Not An Online Casino 🤔 Solo Templar PvP – ESO – Wrathstone

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So a bit of a different video today, I know it may be some heavier stuff but I think its worth talking about!

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  1. I love it how gamers want better games, and properly assign the blame to the economic structure that game developers operate in. The devs have one core interest – making the best game possible. However, the shareholders have another (and they ultimately have the upper hand): making the most money possible, quarter after quarter… No matter the consequences. This conflict of ideology will always cause games to be worse. We need to make a new structure for developers to operate in. They need to unionize, and assemble together to make employee co-ops so that their dream of making great games isn't stymied by the greed of their bosses.

  2. Great stuff Jack. I like the ending where you mention the 2 minutes they took to talk about performances issues in the after show. Not to forget the fact that they haven't mentioned anything related to Cyrodiil performances in any patch notes since Summerset got released more than half of a year ago. Or the fact that only one dev has posted in the Alliance War section of the forums (few weeks ago) in more than 6 months related to something different than ToS violations. Oh, and back to that last Zenimax live stream. I am glad that Ninja614 went straight to the point and said that he was not allowed to ask any questions that were not part of the script. Thanks Ninja for being honest.

  3. It's a blatant cash grab. For example: i bought extra character slots, have 15 fully upgraded toons. Now they change all racial passives and i get 3 race change tokens … so basically they force me (and everyone with extra toons) to buy extra tokens while we already payed for the toons themselves.

  4. Playing ESO since launch been subbed all that time, there are 2 reasons I am still here the few guildies that I love to play with and the fact there is nothing out there at the moment I desire to play. There is a game out there on the horizon 12 months or so away, will drop ESO in a heartbeat when it launches and it will have AU/NZ servers. As an Aussie player with 250 to 300 ping minimum on a good day slapped on top of the cyro lag makes for truly frustrating gameplay many guildmates have left simply because of the lag.

    The cash grab just becomes more and more prominent the content less and less interesting as it is angled more towards increasing the companies bottom line, yes they need to make money but when that becomes the only focus the game suffers and we the players begin to question why we are investing time into something that is more of a chore than actual fun. All we as players can do is vote with our wallets shut them and walk away become more discerning in the games we play and how we spend our cash. If enough of us do this over time we might finally see some change in the direction of the gaming industry. One can only hope.

    Great vid though so very much on point.

  5. Funny how WoW players migrated to ESO saying that the performance was so much better xD At least it's not a powerpoint presentation of turn-based combat with a refresh rate of 30 seconds on 40v40. I was really surprised when I saw two zergs fight each other and the servers could actually process it

  6. 100% true, It's sad for everyone who's still sticking around with the hopes that things will get fixed. This past week I popped back into Cyrodil for the first time in 2 years and many of the same old problems were still persistent, along with a few new ones. Skills not firing, being "stuck in combat" for 10+ minutes having to walk on foot across the gigantic empty rolling hills map, getting stuck on a single weapon bar nearly every time I lost werewolf transformation, suddenly getting booted offline to the login screen with the good ol' error 307 saying MY connection wasn't stable while I browsed the online forums to find out what code # 307 was for….

    It's just one of those extremely slow train wrecks we can't look away from… partly because there's not much else to go to at this time.

  7. The real problem are the consumers businesses only do this cause the market is willing to bare it. People still pre order even from companies like EA , when people change businesses will change cause the consumer will no longer buy their products . Business works this way least effort for maximum return, if you dont like it stop supporting these companies

  8. This is why single-player games are on the rise again, and multiplayer games (bar Fortnite and a few others) are on the decline. Because, people are getting tired of the greed being displayed on a regular basis in multiplayer titles. Whether it be: MMO, FPS, etc. People are getting their QUALITY gaming experiences solo. Less lag. Less drama. Less nonsense.

  9. I agree, Zenimax needs to listen to the endgame community, we are the players that love the game and want it to succeed, we spend the money, but we will LEAVE if they dont improve the competitive side of the game and fix the bugs.

  10. For us at the end of the world (Chile, South America), our performance in the game sux, we deal less dps cuz of the delay, yes we can deal decent amount of damages (between 30 & 40k if you have the right stuff and skills) but some guys out there can easily pull a lot more

  11. I agree, but I also feel like they are making improvements. When you and other content creators speak up, it can help push them to better. Off-topic: snb + bow stamplar makes a return! This was one of my favorite builds of yours. Please do an update build on it!!

  12. Maybe we should make some kind of go fund me or staw poll or some kind of petition that we can push on through to ZOS for them to relay to the bosses

  13. Amen. I love ESO. Been playing it since PS4 launch but had to take a break because of all the bugs and monetization. If it gets better i might come back. If not, well there are other games out there worth trying.

  14. It's pretty dishonest to say that they aren't focused on end game content at all. On the pve side, ZOS has been doing pretty well. Summerset was a decent expansion, Cloudrest is a good trial tha that was released mostly bug free, and all of the new DLC dungeons in the past few years have been very well done and were also released mostly bug free. Elseweyr will have a new full trial with hardmode on every boss, etc. There are very little lag issues outside of Cyrodiil too, unless you're in the eastern hemisphere, but there isn't really anything that can be done about that. I agree when it comes to pvp. BGs are a total failure if the goal was to provide fun instanced pvp and gameplay in general in pvp is mostly garbage right now due to an absurd amount of CC/lag in Cyrodiil.

  15. Ive been saying this for years and I couldnt agree more. It seems when game developers get so big, and sell so much, they just stop giving a shit. Blizzard, Bethesda, EA, and so much more. With Bethesda you could see it going down hill with fallout 4. I still enjoyed it but it was a shell of the former games.. Then with eso and now fallout 76. It just gets worse and worse. Its like they get so big and then stop caring about the actual games and start caring more about money.

    Eso is a disgrace. You will only get silence about the performance and it chases people away, like you said end game people. I havent really played in a week, not because I dont want to but because i cant pvp so whats the point. With this event going on, and wrathstone, shor is pretty dead on xbox and vivec is always unplayable. There are no options. And it is sad, all of it is sad. The fact that this game is just wasted potential. The fact that bethesda has gone from creating such amazing games to being despised by so many people for their bullshit and greed. And zos too. But at least we can all keep this in mind before playing something else creating by zenimax online studios.

    I dont want to put another 3 years into a game only to have it start to turn into shit half way through and never get fixed. In fact, in only gets worse it never gets better. And the worst part about it is that zos will pretty much tell you to get fucked. They wont give console players a transfer to PC, for those who have a PC and are willing to, to at least relieve some performance issues. Because PC is a fair bit better than xbox, at least for me. Still bad, but xbox is just unplayable.. And most of the time they will blame the performance on you. Its a shame and im just sick of it.

  16. Couldnt agree more, I'm a big fan of pvp but the high ping in cyro has made me only play BG. Getting 300ping in those scenerios is not enjoyable, a steady 80/100ping would be great already but it isnt sadly. Great game nontheless I almost love every other aspect of this game