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Tor As Fast As Possible

The Tor network has become popular with people who want to stay hidden online. How does it work, and what are its limitations?

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  1. Tor doesnt seem to work that good. There are people caught all the time using the tor browser. I am not saying that those people do not deserve to be caught, but how safe can tor be if people are constantly caught when they do illegal stuff

  2. All this TOR and VPN’s, I don’t care what you say but it’s not about stopping governments spying on you buying your groceries off Tesco. Anyone who uses these types of things is doing so coz they are up to no good, they are doing something dodgy

  3. This how I envision the future diagram
    of Tor:
    This is to symbolise my essence as a country with the largest concentration of
    Tor relays, and me as the Tor Keeper Elder.

  4. Dont want give services to others feeling black hat although they dont have skills on hacking subjecting me feeling blackhat or hacker Kalayaan, L….. or bullying me. With some they try to copy my intellectual knowledge and my knowledge through my online activity. Some with them dont have to access TOR. Some of them use to be greedy and using their body being cybersex with others as artist and earned money being greedy. Also known as maze runner my maze being bully by noob noknowledge they also trying to be a hacker but without knowledge all of them copycut